Savino Damico

Head of Digital Payments and Biometrics, Innovation Center, Intesa Sanpaolo

face savino damicoDegree with honours in Economics at Turin University.
He joined the bank in 1992, covering over the past years many
roles in the area of traditional and innovative payments and a
number of remarkable positions both at national and
international level:


  • bank representative at National Banking Association – Payments Committee;
  • bank representative at IBOS Association (an important international Cash Management Association) Board of Directors;
  • Italian Representative at European Payments Council – OITS WG (a strandardisation committee);
  • Italian representative at EBA Clearing – SEPA Business WG.

He joined Intesa Sanpaolo Research & Development in 2012 and currently he is in charge for Digital Payments, Biometrics, e-identity, blockchain and cryptocurrencies incubators within Chief Innovation Officer Area at Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center.

In his current role Savino is responsible within the mentioned incubators to select the best fintech innovative solutions to be introduced (through Intesa Sanpaolo processes and stakeholders) into:

  • ISP services and/or
  • to be offered to retail or corporate companies and/or
  • to propose them to Intesa Sanpaolo Corporate Venture Capital Fund (Neva Finventure).

Some of his current responsibilities:

  • he’s mentor for some start-ups (dealing with Biometrics, digital payments and IT integration) mainly within the Fintech Hub “The Floor” in Tel Aviv;
  • he represented Intesa Sanpaolo when some selected European banks were chosen by European Banking Federation to show their experience in Digital Ledger Technology in two different workshops, the first with European Commission representatives (January 2017) and the second one with European Central Bank
    representatives (May 2017);
  • he takes part to a Committee specifically focused on “Fintech”, recently set-up by Italian Ministry for Economy and Finance